Privileges with Individual Lessons

Student Recitals
Any student, with his or her teacherís approval, may perform in regularly scheduled recitals on Sundays throughout the year (see recital schedule). Adult students may perform in regular student recitals, adult-only recitals and in soirees held in private homes. Guitar students may perform in guitar-only recitals and regular student recitals. Faculty members may also schedule studio class recitals.

Studio Classes
Each semester, an individual teacher may arrange for his/her students to meet together to explore in depth some aspect of the instrument and/or to perform for each other in an informal learning environment. Depending on the studentís needs, studio classes can be used as preparation for or in lieu of regular student recitals. Studio classes are free to students registered for individual lessons; however, a minimal accompanist fee may be applied.

Free Admission to Concerts
WCM students are admitted free to outstanding concerts at the Conservatory by faculty members and guest artists.

Free Accompanists
WCM will provide a staff accompanist for students performing in WCM recitals and up to 30 minutes of rehearsal for each soloist or ensemble prior to recitals. Rehearsals with the staff accompanist are arranged between the student and the accompanist. Additional rehearsal time is paid directly to the accompanist. Students who choose a non-Conservatory accompanist are responsible for the entire payment.

Discounted Rates for Theory and Sight-Singing Classes
Since the study of music theory and sight-singing is an essential supplement to the study of instruments and voice, students who take individual lessons at WCM receive a discount on these classes. See Music Theory and Composition. This discount does not apply to private lessons in theory or sight-singing.

Juried Recitals
At the end of each semester, students have an opportunity to perform before faculty panels in a recital setting and receive written evaluations of their performance.
Jury fee: $10

Student Evaluations By Private Instructors
After the end of the spring semester, students will receive from their teachers written reports of their musical progress.

Honors Recital
Each year teachers are invited to nominate their most outstanding students (grade school through high school) to audition for the Conservatoryís culminating student recital: the Honors Recital. Students audition before a panel of judges. Those selected by the judges to perform receive certificates of achievement at the recital. It is the responsibility of students who audition to provide their own accompanist for the audition. For the recital, students are provided an accompanist, in accordance with standard WCM recital procedures.

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