Tuition and Fees

Class/Ensemble tuition: Please see Early Childhood Music, Classes, Ensembles. Tuition for ensembles formed midyear will be prorated.

Private lesson tuition for 18-week semester:

  1. Tuition for one full semester, 18 weeks, is due in advance.
  2. Private lesson tuition will be pro-rated for students who begin their studies after a semester has begun.
  3. Annual nonrefundable registration fee: $30 per person or $50 per family of two or more students.
  4. Split-semester payment plan: $15 fee per semester per student or $20 fee per semester per family (see Split-Semester Payment Plan).
  5. Delinquent account service charge: $50 For late payments for second semester tuition (due January 15) or late split payments (due November 1 for first semester and April 1 for second semester)
  6. Returned check service charge: $35
  7. Juried recitals fee: $10 (see Juried Recitals).
Payment Policies

Tuition payment is due before students may be scheduled for lessons or classes. Full year payment, single semester tuition in one payment, or single semester tuition in two payments (split semester; see below) are the only payment options accepted.

Fall Semester Registration and Payment
Each new student must complete a 2018-19 inquiry form and each returning student must complete a 2018-19 registration form and submit the $30 registration fee and tuition payment (by check or credit card) before being placed into the teaching schedule of individual teachers and into ensembles. In the rare event that a lesson-time cannot be scheduled, tuition is refunded.

Split-Semester Payment Plan (single semester tuition in two payments)
Under this plan, students pay half of one semester tuition before lessons begin and the balance by November 1 (for fall semester), and by April 1 (for spring semester). There is a $15 fee per semester per student or $20 fee per semester per family for this option, payable, together with the registration fee, with the first of the two payments. This plan requires payment by credit card. Credit card will be automatically charged for the second payment. If a student paying under the split payment plan withdraws after the first three weeks of the semester, the entire semester payment remains due in full. The split semester payment plan does not apply to classes/ensembles. A history of untimely payments disqualifies students from the split payment plan.

Students who enroll for individual lessons during the academic year receive the courtesy of a 3-week assessment period in which they can receive a pro-rated tuition refund, minus the non-refundable registration fee. Tuition will be refunded on a pro-rated basis only if a student notifies the teacher and the WCM office on or before the day after the third scheduled lesson in the academic year. No refunds are issued after the day following the student's third scheduled individual lesson in the academic year. Students who enroll within the last 2 weeks of the semester receive a 2-week courtesy period, unless they have already enrolled for the entire following semester. A student continuing from the fall into the spring semester will not receive a refund if he/she withdraws during the first three lessons of the spring semester. A student registering for summer lessons will not receive a refund in the event the student withdraws. The registration fee is nonrefundable.

Late Payment
Students with repeated late payment of tuition may be denied placement with a teacher the following semester or academic year. Delinquent account service charge for late payments for second semester tuition or late split payments is $50.00.

Spring Semester Payment
Student is responsible for payment of spring semester tuition unless withdrawal notification is given by phone, letter, or email to the WCM office (in addition to the teacher) prior to January 8. Spring semester payment must be received by January 15. Failure to pay spring payment by the due date can result in the student losing his/her place in the teacher's spring schedule and an assessment of a delinquent account service charge.

Additional Lessons Between Semesters
Current students not requiring makeup lessons for fall semester may register for additional lessons between fall and spring semesters. Lessons must be prepaid.

Summer Lessons
During the summer, new students must enroll for a minimum of four individual lessons. All lessons must be prepaid. Consecutive weeks are recommended but not required. Summer session for current students begins when the semester is over; for new students, summer session begins in May, as space is available. Not all teachers are available throughout the summer. Summer lessons missed because of student absence are not made up. A student registering for summer lessons will not receive a refund in the event the student withdraws. Tuition for any special classes or camp is due in advance and is nonrefundable.

Group Class, Ensemble and Seminar Cancellation Policy
If any group class, ensemble, or seminar has insufficient enrollment, WCM reserves the right to cancel the group class, ensemble, or seminar and will refund all tuition and fees. If a student misses a session of a group class, ensemble, or seminar, the student will not receive a makeup or refund for the missed session. If a teacher misses a session of a group class, ensemble, or seminar, or if a session is cancelled to inclement weather, a makeup session will be scheduled. There will be no refund if the student misses a rescheduled session of a group class, ensemble, or seminar.

WCM offers a limited number of scholarships for students up to age 18 of limited financial means who exhibit talent and commitment. Applicants may be asked to audition and must submit an application with a copy of their most recent federal tax return or equivalent. Loss of scholarships may occur at any time in cases of excessive absences, lack of progress, participation, commitment, or any inappropriate behavior by students or parents. Timely receipt of completed application does not guarantee a scholarship.

The Michael Patterson Memorial Scholarship
The Michael Patterson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to outstanding young students of significant financial need (up to age 18) for the purpose of studying piano or voice. The scholarship is in memory of Dr. Patterson (1954-2006), faculty member of the Washington Conservatory of Music and cofounder of the Congressional Chorus. An esteemed chamber musician and solo pianist, he was a multi-talented performer, teacher, vocal coach and conductor. This scholarship is made possible by tax-deductible donations. Checks may be made payable to "Michael Patterson Scholarship Fund" and mailed to the Washington Conservatory of Music, One Westmoreland Circle, Bethesda, MD 20816.

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